So, just what is this?

I’ve recently found out of the 100 Days challenge, and though, why not? I’ve even found it on a Youtube video of an illustrator, challenging himself to make, for 100 days something related a major comic he was writing at the time.

Now, I’m no illustrator, designer or artist, but I was always crazy about Sci-Fi (nerd alert) and comics. So crazy I even tried writing something, which didn’t work that much well. I just lacked the conviction and the actual grammar to create a nice story, not the idea though.

Then, after sometime I though:

I am completely stressed out at work, so why not get into some art class, even if just to flush the ol’ brain?

And so I started and finished the basic art course next to home, and guess what? I loved it. Loved it so much, that I decided to pick one of my Sci-Fi stories that never saw the light of a glory dying star, and make it into a comic.

Then, while browsing some art tips on Youtube, found this idea. Now, with my time getting crunched again with work, I choose to enter this challenge.

Now, I now there are other places to make this, like proper 100 days challenge sites, but I found that normally they have times when you can enter, and I didn’t want to wait. Also, having a 100daycomic blog can be a very nice place to, after the 100th day, keep posting things about this.

So, game on! I’ll consider this my day 0 and the end should be on the 28th December 2016, right on christmas. And I want to accomplish those things up till there:

  1. Improve my drawing
  2. Improve my story telling
  3. Create a 10 page comic, to be published online one page per week

Se you tomorrow!


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