Day one

Well, day one was fantastic. Basically this is what happened today:

  • Decided on the story to tell
  • Decided on the style of the story
  • Decided on the style of the drawing (at least for now)
  • Realised I still have a damn long way to go with anatomy

So, long story short I’ll be using a story I’ve imagined some time ago, it’s a Space Cowboy story. The main arc is happening on a Space Circus, somebody inside is murdered and a detective is hired to find out what happened, this is supposed to be a Noir style Space Opera. I know, it’s too damn complicated for a 10 page comic, but you have to try right?

The style of the drawing, will be a little cartoon, for instance:


Now, this is just a sample. I’ve got an image from¬†Pinterest and tried to draw it in the style I wanted, I was very pleased with the result. Maybe I’ll leave a character like this as the detective.

I’ve tried as well to draw the main character. Needless to say I need to improve my anatomy drawings.

I believe I’ve spent something close to 2 hours on drawing the sample, its 100% made on the Sketchbook Pro. Which means that I need to find something to make this quicker.

Hope I’ll have at least the main character soon.

See you all tomorrow.


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