Day six

Very small day, didn’t had a lot of time to work on this, but found some time at the end.

Came up with two main things:

  1. Rough (very) sketch of the second page
  2. Idea for the villain of the story ( “The Butcher”)

This is the rough sketch:

page-2Basically, its the title (Space Cowboys – The Detective) and Jupiter with a Hazard Waste Disposal Space Truck dumping it’s garbage there, a generic spacecraft at the front, a space station at the background and Europa protected by a network in the middle ground. I always imagined cities on moons, and they always seems like neurons connecting, so there you go.

Don’t be hard on me, this is the first Rough Sketch. I want to make at least one more rough sketch, then a real sketch, then scan the page, pass it over on Sketchbook, and then it’s finished.

For the evil character, more on this tomorrow 😉


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