Days 13 & 14

So, Inktober finally started and I’ll try to ink something every day. This may slow me down on the comic itself, but It’ll be better at the end, specially because of my first try, take a look:

Inktober #1 – Fast

I can’t even begin to try and tell what is wrong with that image. The shadows are wrong, the anatomy is wrong, the face is…not a face. That gave me a chill to make, but let’s go, keep trying!

This was for the 13th day, on the 14th day I’ve defined the main arc for the 10 pages:

  • The lady get’s the detective to check on a murder
  • The detective accepts it and goes to an asteroid where’s the circus
  • The lady drugs the detective
  • The detective is met with the butcher and…

However, I’ll use the Inktober to train harder. When I won’t be able to ink, I’ll write the script and maybe create a rough draft of the pages.

See you tomorrow


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