Day 21

I think I’m finally getting the hang of making a quick sketch, then simplifying it with Ink. The theme for today was “Broken”, I gotta say, I really liked this one, I think it’s one of the bests.

What I did was a broken mirror, showing the reflection of a female Vampire mouth. Of course I had a very good Pinterest reference, and it’s very similar, but even so, I liked it and made a few changes in it.

The process was almost the same, I finally got a Pentel Brush pen, and the black in it is indeed, very black. So this made everything easier, which is: rough pencil sketch, Micron 1.0 for the mirror lines, Pentel Brush pen for everything else, then scanned it, fired up Gimp to remove the background, and that’s it. Take a look:


See you all tomorrow.


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