Day 30

I have to say, to draw something completely out of tin air, just with a few references, is bloody hard. It’s still far off what I wanted, but it’s something. Somebody told me once:

The perfect is the exact opposite of the finished. Even if it’s not how you wanted it, let it be and finish it.

So, this is what I’m doing. I wanted a Thor, I’ve added a Vulture. So the complete scene has one Atlas and one Vulture right? No, I can’t even call that a Vulture, or the Atlas an Atlas. They are gigantic war machines, but not the ones I wanted. No problem there, this is the first time I tried to draw something as complex as this.


Yes, the Vulture seems like a square chicken. The Atlas is kinda ok (not an Atlas though), and the scenery is alright I guess, same goes for the lettering (need to improve when inking) and the shadows as well. The perspective, I would say it’s 80% ok. Of course the Sketchbook with it’s fantastic perspective tool would have really helped, but I do believe on doing everything by hand when you want to practice. If this was a finished comic book page, I would probably make this rough sketch on paper just to see the scene, scan it, attach it on the wall and make the final one on the Sketchbook over the scan. Since I’ve already scanned it, maybe I’ll do it at the end anyway (I really liked the idea of this scene).

Tomorrow I’ll do the Inking, let’s hope I can fix most of the mistakes there.


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