Days 32,33,34,35 and 36

Wow, it’s been a while since I don’t write here. I had some big (I really mean big) issues at work, and that took almost all the time I had. This of course, is the excuse.

Now for what I though and was able to do, I was already thinking on this drawing for some time, the idea matched with the “Small” theme from Inktober, so I did it. Basically a full moon shining some light on a fairy smoking in the protection of a big mushroom, right next to a lake.

I had one big issue with this, which was the face of the fairy, on the original one it’s looking like a man in a fairy woman body, yeah, really. It did made a nice drawing even so (it’s an irony, like if all fairies were she-males after work), but it wasn’t what I really wanted. So I scanned it, fired up Sketchbook, fixed (poorly) the blacks, and remade the head. Now it’s a little more unisex at least.

inktober_22.jpgHopefully thing’s will get back to normal now.

See ya’ll.


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