Days 39,40 and 41

So, doing the last Inktober (the samurai) I realized that making the back body, with the ripped muscles is actually, very hard. So on the 39th day I tried to remake the Samurai on the Sketchbook Pro, didn’t finished it yet, but noticed some problems with the back. On the 40th day, I tried to study a little of anatomy, and on the 41st I found a nice drawing in one of my many books on comics drawing, and decided to remake it using pencil, and finalizing with a Speedball A-5 nib.

It’s very different to ink with a Speedball then with the brush, and I found it “easier” to make the line weights, with the brush I have to be utterly careful with the weight of the hand, how it’s tilted, how much ink is in it, etc. With the Speedball, basically is guarantying that there’s enough ink on the nib, then to make the line weight is just a mater of doing one, two, tree times the same line. The end result is a much cleaner inking.

The pictures here have a very big zoom (blame the scanner).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow, now finished with the Inktober, which means, back to the story and rough sketches!

I have to say though, even not making everything on the Inktober, it was crucial and very fun to make. I’ll try to ink all my studies from now on, this way when I arrive at the inking part of the comic, I won’t be a stranger to it.


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