Days 52-59

So, been some hell of a week. And I truly mean hell! It was so hellish, that I’m gonna space a little more of the posting, so the new rule of thumb will be:

  • Post every 7-10 days
  • Post when there’s something significant

As I wrote the last time, I was going to try and create “The Butcher” character, how far have I gone into this? Not much I’m afraid. I was able, in those 7 days, to make:

  • Create the psychological traits of him. Basically we are talking about an Italian Serial Killer, with no M.O. except that, after he get’s his victims he chops them, and spreads one part on each planet of the known federation.
  • Realize that he must have a friend (or some) helping him. I though of the whole circus.
  • Create the name and first arc of the comic. The comic will be called: “The Eternal’s”, and the story spans between a lot of different universes. The main idea is that the detective and the butcher are enemies, in every single universe. So they are “trapped” into hunting each other and, when one is caught, they both die and are reborn in a different universe.
  • I also did some (very little) practice.

I know this is far, far less than what I need to make, but since I don’t work with this kinda of stuff, I still think it’s ok. At end, I need to have some fun right?

See you when I see you.


Day 52

Well, remade the Ryu. Really, I had to remake it. I did try to fix it, but it was beyond fix. I kinda liked the whole drawing itself, Ryu and Ken fighting, one throwing a Shoryuken (really liked this one), the other with a Hadouken. I know this has been made over and over again, but hey, it’s my first time right?20161122_230952.jpgI think Ryu hands could’ve been better. Also, I really liked the Moebius like crosshatching for the shadows. It’s kinda soft and creates a very nice effect, sometimes even unintentional.

Well, now it’s time to get back to the real comic, starting with character definition!

Day 50 and 51

Ok, so I’ve made the Inking of Ken and started the drawing of Ryu launching the Hadouken. Yes, I’ve fixed Ken hands, how? By using the old trick of making the hand disapear :D. And for the Shadow, I wanted to give a more video game look, so I just did a very big black spot.20161121_224106.jpg

Please ignore Ryu as of now, I’ll need to remake it (I think I’ll need to remake everything).

See you.

Day 49

Well, today there was no inking. Just the sketch. Since what I’m thinking there’s more characters, I’ll make all the sketches before, and only after the drawing is what I want, then I’ll make the inking.

Who’s this?

20161117_222955The upper hand is a little off, but I’ll try to fix it with more shadows, and of course, remaking only this hand apart, then translating what I learned in it.

Let’s see tomorrow!

Day 48

So, I still have a few drawings from my childhood to make before actually getting back to the comic. I should be done by the end of the weekend.

And now, from a very old game:

20161116_223126The only thing I can find out that’s definitely wrong, is the shadow on the left foot. Apart from that, I do believe it’s a very nice drawing. There are some blurs, but that’s mainly fault of the eraser. Let’s see how it goes by tomorrow!

Days 46 and 47

I’m actually liking this idea of making it 2 by 2 days, but I pretend to get back on posting every single day. As soon as I’m able 😉

Anyway, got another drawing from a book and remade it, and here it is, maybe “Captain Power” on the day to day basis?20161115_133208.jpgThe nose is extremelly big, and the forehead is a little strange, but I liked it in the overall. Think I can get back to the original story, maybe re-creating the characters. Why not start with the bad guy? Keep you posted!

Day 44 and 45

On the 44th day, I’ve studied a little about boobs. Got a hell of a time at work (~13 hours working non stop) and that’s what I could do, study on the cellphone. Not even worth to put it here.

On the 45th day, I’ve did another sketch of “Captain Power”, fighting against a clone of himself, who do you think won?20161112_144013.jpgIt looks a little like Mr. Incredible from Disney right? I think I’ll need to mix both tones, the more darker noir tone on the left, with the more cartoon tone on the right. Next time!