Day 49

Well, today there was no inking. Just the sketch. Since what I’m thinking there’s more characters, I’ll make all the sketches before, and only after the drawing is what I want, then I’ll make the inking.

Who’s this?

20161117_222955The upper hand is a little off, but I’ll try to fix it with more shadows, and of course, remaking only this hand apart, then translating what I learned in it.

Let’s see tomorrow!



So, just what is this?

I’ve recently found out of the 100 Days challenge, and though, why not? I’ve even found it on a Youtube video of an illustrator, challenging himself to make, for 100 days something related a major comic he was writing at the time.

Now, I’m no illustrator, designer or artist, but I was always crazy about Sci-Fi (nerd alert) and comics. So crazy I even tried writing something, which didn’t work that much well. I just lacked the conviction and the actual grammar to create a nice story, not the idea though.

Then, after sometime I though:

I am completely stressed out at work, so why not get into some art class, even if just to flush the ol’ brain?

And so I started and finished the basic art course next to home, and guess what? I loved it. Loved it so much, that I decided to pick one of my Sci-Fi stories that never saw the light of a glory dying star, and make it into a comic.

Then, while browsing some art tips on Youtube, found this idea. Now, with my time getting crunched again with work, I choose to enter this challenge.

Now, I now there are other places to make this, like proper 100 days challenge sites, but I found that normally they have times when you can enter, and I didn’t want to wait. Also, having a 100daycomic blog can be a very nice place to, after the 100th day, keep posting things about this.

So, game on! I’ll consider this my day 0 and the end should be on the 28th December 2016, right on christmas. And I want to accomplish those things up till there:

  1. Improve my drawing
  2. Improve my story telling
  3. Create a 10 page comic, to be published online one page per week

Se you tomorrow!