Day 43

Well, who would say? Even bloody tired, I was still able to make one drawing, from scratch to inking. The pose was a reference of a book, but the pencils, details and inking was all made from scratch. I actually liked it, there’s still some things to fix on the belly, but hey, at least it’s much better then the one of yesterday right?

Here it is:

20161110_222007.jpgI call it “Captain Power”.


Day 42 onward

It’s amazing how one week of not drawing makes with your drawings. I know that this should be day 50 or something, but it’s just been that bad at work. I also know that this is no excuse, that’s why I’ll be “reseting” the day counter today for Day 42.

I did a very quick sketch (15-20 minutes sketch) and realized that I’ve turn to “shit” again. But I’ll get over it and I’ll be better once again. Without further delay, here’s my old man being tossed in a dimensional tunnel (that’s the excuse for it to be so twisted).20161109_220042.pngMaybe he was in shock for Trump? I can only think that the inking at least is ok.

I promise a better one tomorrow!

Days 39,40 and 41

So, doing the last Inktober (the samurai) I realized that making the back body, with the ripped muscles is actually, very hard. So on the 39th day I tried to remake the Samurai on the Sketchbook Pro, didn’t finished it yet, but noticed some problems with the back. On the 40th day, I tried to study a little of anatomy, and on the 41st I found a nice drawing in one of my many books on comics drawing, and decided to remake it using pencil, and finalizing with a Speedball A-5 nib.

It’s very different to ink with a Speedball then with the brush, and I found it “easier” to make the line weights, with the brush I have to be utterly careful with the weight of the hand, how it’s tilted, how much ink is in it, etc. With the Speedball, basically is guarantying that there’s enough ink on the nib, then to make the line weight is just a mater of doing one, two, tree times the same line. The end result is a much cleaner inking.

The pictures here have a very big zoom (blame the scanner).

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See you tomorrow, now finished with the Inktober, which means, back to the story and rough sketches!

I have to say though, even not making everything on the Inktober, it was crucial and very fun to make. I’ll try to ink all my studies from now on, this way when I arrive at the inking part of the comic, I won’t be a stranger to it.

Day 37 and 38

I’ll have to say, it’s been really a hell of a week! I had all sorts of problems at work, so I took 2 days to make 1 drawing. But in the end, I’ve made it. The idea was to make a tired Samurai (Inktober #25) and I really liked the result, even if the hands are big and strange.

Here it is, made with pencils, then inked with brush, crowquill pen and Sakura Pen Markers on some places.inktober_25.png

Days 32,33,34,35 and 36

Wow, it’s been a while since I don’t write here. I had some big (I really mean big) issues at work, and that took almost all the time I had. This of course, is the excuse.

Now for what I though and was able to do, I was already thinking on this drawing for some time, the idea matched with the “Small” theme from Inktober, so I did it. Basically a full moon shining some light on a fairy smoking in the protection of a big mushroom, right next to a lake.

I had one big issue with this, which was the face of the fairy, on the original one it’s looking like a man in a fairy woman body, yeah, really. It did made a nice drawing even so (it’s an irony, like if all fairies were she-males after work), but it wasn’t what I really wanted. So I scanned it, fired up Sketchbook, fixed (poorly) the blacks, and remade the head. Now it’s a little more unisex at least.

inktober_22.jpgHopefully thing’s will get back to normal now.

See ya’ll.

Day 30

I have to say, to draw something completely out of tin air, just with a few references, is bloody hard. It’s still far off what I wanted, but it’s something. Somebody told me once:

The perfect is the exact opposite of the finished. Even if it’s not how you wanted it, let it be and finish it.

So, this is what I’m doing. I wanted a Thor, I’ve added a Vulture. So the complete scene has one Atlas and one Vulture right? No, I can’t even call that a Vulture, or the Atlas an Atlas. They are gigantic war machines, but not the ones I wanted. No problem there, this is the first time I tried to draw something as complex as this.


Yes, the Vulture seems like a square chicken. The Atlas is kinda ok (not an Atlas though), and the scenery is alright I guess, same goes for the lettering (need to improve when inking) and the shadows as well. The perspective, I would say it’s 80% ok. Of course the Sketchbook with it’s fantastic perspective tool would have really helped, but I do believe on doing everything by hand when you want to practice. If this was a finished comic book page, I would probably make this rough sketch on paper just to see the scene, scan it, attach it on the wall and make the final one on the Sketchbook over the scan. Since I’ve already scanned it, maybe I’ll do it at the end anyway (I really liked the idea of this scene).

Tomorrow I’ll do the Inking, let’s hope I can fix most of the mistakes there.